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A Year of Thriving: Growing Resilience, Creativity and Passion in 2018

Are you ready to grind less and experience more joy?  Thrive, not just survive?

Workshop Selection

February 10, 2018, Bhakti Wellness Center in Edina

In Partnership with Resilience Scientist Nancy Maxfield-Wilson

Resilient people build a foundation of healthy mind, body, and heart to support inspired performance, capability & well-being. Discover the power of your body/mind system for improved self-awareness, mindfulness and purpose.

Reclaim your creativity, well-being and inner joy to sustain you through challenging times. Try out new ways of renewing your energy and shifting your mindset.

Creativity and passion are tools you can nurture to create a life that feeds your well-being. Join us to explore… It’s time to discover your inner resources for a life well lived; thriving instead of merely surviving.

Come create your vision for 2018: your year for resilience, creativity, and passion.