Whispers of the Future

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Clearing and Whispers of the Future

whispers of the futureRight now as I pause and reflect on my life, I am noticing some things that feel important to share. I am going through an intense period of clearing of old emotional, mental, physical and spiritual clutter. The energy of the new moon makes this an auspicious time to let things dissolve. To punctuate the end of the energy pattern of 2016 that is still present this first quarter of 2017. It’s punctuated with endings and clearings. And at the same time, I am noticing whispers of the future. Hints of things that make sense for my life and heightened awareness of what I am carrying forward.

As we ride this new moon energy this week, it is a great time to do some clearing as well as notice what is naturally arising in our lives.

How I Am Experiencing Whispers of the Future

I have found myself in a time of releasing deeply held, old emotional patterns. So there has been a lot of crying and grieving. And as a result, a softening towards myself and my journey. I am noticing how tenderly I am able to hold myself during the difficult times that are bound to arise. This tenderness is a new experience that I have been cultivating for years and finally feeling anchored in.

A real focus on boundaries has arisen as well. I am finding myself noticing where I am always giving in relationships and never receiving. And I am asking for what I need in those relationships from a place in my heart that honors what I need as well as how the other person is able to show up. I have made myself unavailable to a couple of people in my life who always want me to give, but are unable to reciprocate. As a result, other relationships that are more nurturing have started deepening and expanding.

I feel like I am sorting and sifting. There is a lot of “No not that” and “No not this” arising. At first, that was a little overwhelming and then I realized just how clear my “Yes” is becoming. I am starting to enjoy the choices that float in and out of my experience to allow me to become crystal clear about what I want to create in my life.

And I am so aware that I am not going to settle for anything anymore.

Themes Emerging From Whispers of the Future

It strikes me that some themes have started to emerge as I focus on these whispers of the future.

  • Learning to say nowhispers of the future
  • Trusting what is true for me
  • Sifting and sorting – keeping what I want to bring forward in my life and letting go of anything that no longer serves who I am today
  • Asking for help and learning to receive when others offer support even when my pride takes a hit
  • Noticing what I have been tolerating in my life and setting boundaries
  • Gaining clarity about my preferences and how I want to show up in the world
  • Being done with twisting, bending and self-sacrificing in any way
  • Making choices that are from a place of self-love instead of fear

Your Whispers of the Future

Your turn! What is leaving your life and what is emerging? What are you noticing is core to who you are and how you prefer to show up in the world? How can you make your life more natural for you? What are you absolutely done doing in your life? And what would you like to carry forward?

Take some time to reflect on all that is shifting in your life right now.

And decide what actions you can take to support this new future that is emerging for you.

Here’s a little spoken truth. When whispers of the future show up, you often have to realign to meet them. Which means, there will be a pause as you let go of what won’t serve you and align with what you are meant to experience. I call this the transition or preparation phase. It’s such an important time for anyone who is going through transformation.

And we often try to rush through it and get to the outcome. But in this pause, a richness can be cultivated. You can soften towards yourself and hold yourself in the uncertainty. You can allow yourself to feel whatever needs to arise. And then, the spaces that exist in this transition phase will allow new ways of being to show up in your life.

Rushing any of it overrides the purpose of this important part of the transformation process.

Resources and Announcements

  1. Here’s a great article on clearing energy for you personally and your space.
  2. This article is also about clearing techniques and is specifically geared toward the empath and highly sensitive person. I use several of these techniques faithfully!
  3. I have been recently working on strengthening my personal foundation – the building blocks that support my life. This article speaks to most of the key parts of that process.

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