When Your Soul Asks You To Pause

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Respond When Your Soul Asks You To Pause

soul asks you to pauseIt has been a few weeks since I have written a blog. Something that I generally do twice a week.  And during this time, I have been following my soul’s quest to go deeper with my self-care. Specifically, to go completely from my intuition and the call of my heart instead of my mind. I am a driven and striving person who has largely operated from her mind. This period of my life is calling me to operate from the wisdom of my heart and soul. And on your journey, somewhere along the way, you will all reach a point where your soul asks you to pause.

In our Western Society, we are all so tuned into achieving outcomes and constantly producing. And in truth, everything is a cycle of periods of growth and expansion and periods of contraction. We seem to get squeamish when confusion, loneliness, lack of clarity, etc. shows up at our doors. And we start to do a number of “spiritual gymnastics” to get through whatever is showing up ASAP. You know what I mean – mindset practices, journaling, manifesting practices, etc.

Pema Chodren wisely invites us to rest in the middle instead of moving left or right. Her book, When Things Fall Apart, is the perfect guide for this period in my life. I am taking the time to meet the emptiness in me, the confusion in me, the one wondering who I would be if I wasn’t caring for others all the time in me, and a cast of other experiences.

Tending When Your Soul Asks You To Pause

Remember my conversation from earlier in the year about becoming my own beloved? I shared my experience at the end of 2016 when I was guided through an experience of meeting my own Divine Masculine and learned how to deeply love myself instead of constantly seeking love, approval, and appreciation from outside sources.

I bring that experience up because when I went through it, I decided to dedicate 2017 to practices around self-love. And when I was asked to pause and let go of some big patterns and ways of being in the world a few weeks ago, I was thinking not again! Because I have paused a number of times in the past 2 years on this journey. “When do I get to move forward already??!” screamed my control freak.

And my inner critic started beating his drum at an alarmingly loud and obnoxious rate. I became frantic! Let me tell no lies about how the process feels.

But in the midst of the cast of characters clamoring for my attention, a deeper place in me asked me to slow down and trust this process. So despite the discomfort, I am tending deeply and trusting my soul.

How will you manage your relationship with you when your soul asks you to pause?

Managing When Your Soul Asks You to Pause

your soul asks you to pauseI learned very quickly that my usual mode of operation does not work in this place of pause. Of course, in an attempt to create comfort and security, I brought my usual patterns of behavior and ways of thinking into this place. It’s like having the wrong currency in a foreign country – completely useless!

So here is my formula for working through this phase.

  • Trust the process implicitly. Forget any notion that this is a mistake or something I have manifested by doing something wrong. My soul has me here for a reason and I am staying open to the process.
  • Stop wasting time worrying, wondering, or wiggling. I am learning to be more present with all of my experience than ever before.
  • Consult with my soul as the ultimate wisdom on this journey. Limit interactions with others who don’t get me or my journey while I am traversing this tender place.
  • Change my drive to try harder in my life to a drive to try harder at resting, restoring and pausing at a deep level.
  • Let go of all definitions of myself and all focus on outcomes. Who I am is up in the air. What I choose to keep is yet to be determined. What I am going to do with my time or life is uncertain. None of that matters in this place of deep pause.
  • Start collecting things and experiences that bring me joy and light me up for no apparent reason.
  • Get back to basics. Eat when I am hungry. Drink a lot of clean fluids. Spend time in nature. Fill my heart with the people I love in small doses. Rest when I am tired. Expect less of myself than ever before. Read things that touch my heart. Reconnect with the deepest rhythms of my nature.

These are the key steps for working through a period of time where your soul asks you to pause.

Until Next Time…

In following my inner rhythms, I won’t be posting regularly for a period of time during this pause. There are plenty of blogs to read and review, plenty of Facebook posts on my page to inspire you. And when it is time, I will return with an understanding of new parts of myself that will deepen my work with others.

about TheresaShare in the comments below or on my Facebook page, how will you manage your relationship with you when your soul asks you to pause on your journey?

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Blessings on your journey of softening to and embracing your beautiful heart!

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