The Hallmark Signs of Transformation

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Hallmark Signs Of The Transformation Journey

hallmark signs of transformationAs I sit with all that has happened over the past months and years, I am struck by how the transformation journey has it’s own rhythm. Had I known what I was actually praying for when I prayed for my true life to appear. And had I known that the journey would have its way with me, over and over again. I would have prayed for just about anything else. And that is just one of the hallmark signs of transformation.

I am having more disillusionment around the coaching world that I see. The promises of 3 month transformational packages and life-changing programs make me weary. Because I know that transformation has its own timeline and it is never the one we would choose. That’s not to say that you can’t focus your attention on something in your life and change it in 3 months. The ultimate question I have is, does the work stick?

Because true lasting change that asks us to tap into our heart and soul takes years not months. And the journey has been described by wise sages as plunging through a series of fast rapids, repeatedly being put back in the fire like blown glass, and praying for mercy as we stumble and dash against stones again and again.

Bottom line, this transformation journey is not for sissies! Which is why so many people would rather not make the trip.

Yet, here you are, reading this post, so I am guessing you are experiencing the hallmark signs of transformation or are at least curious for some unexplained reason.

What Are The Hallmark Signs of Transformation?

Some people pray for their true life, like I did. Others, happen upon the transformation journey by accident or by the fate of a big life changing event. Either way, the result is absolutely the same. Things are put into motion to show us the depths of our being by wearing us down and stripping away all that we have held too tight.

Here are some of the hallmarks signs of transformation:

  • Being confused and lost in a life you have always known
  • Feeling that there has to be something more, but you are not sure what that something looks like
  • Wondering who you really are and what you came here to do
  • Having zero energy and feeling like someone pulled the rug out from under you
  • Questioning so many things with few answers that quench the deeper call within you
  • Being called to go deeper within over and over again even when your external world is falling apart
  • Losing faith in things that have historically kept you safe
  • Feeling the pain, agony, and darkness that is tucked in every corner of your being from years of stuffing
  • Begging for mercy because you are so exhausted and have no idea how to keep going
  • Wondering why you ever started on this path
  • Wandering, trying, and feeling your way with your intuition as your only guide
  • Wishing you could be more like everyone else and just go along with the status quo
  • Feeling abandoned and tested and forgotten

How many of these hallmark signs of transformation resonate with you?

Navigating This Journey of Transformation

hallmark signs of transformationThere are not as many how to’s as we would like for the journey of transformation.Why? Because each individual needs to tune into her own inner guidance and trust her own experience. It’s a journey we all must take essentially alone.

However, there are tools that will make your journey much easier to navigate. And spoiler alert, the honing of these tools is a happy byproduct of taking the transformation journey.

First, your ability to cultivate self-love and trust your own inner experience will help immensely. During this journey, you will be given the chance to become your own refuge.

Second, your intuition and ability to tune into your deeper wisdom with faith will guide you through whatever is presented to you.

Third, your ability to reach out to other like-minded individuals who are making the journey will help you work through the darkest days.

And fourth, your faith will help you walk through whatever is put on your path.

What The Hallmark Signs of Transformation Point Out

It might sound scary, and you may choose to turn back. I support whatever choice is right for you. But the hallmark signs of transformation, if they are showing up in your life, mean that you are meant to take this hero’s journey. Despite all of the marketing to the contrary, we did not come to planet Earth to fall in love, have perfect hair, and never break a sweat. We came to co-create and try on life. And that means, we are going to encounter all kinds of experiences. The question is, will we go willingly or create more suffering for ourselves on the journey?

You have all you need to make this journey and come out a shining gem with a heart so beautiful and light so bright that you will naturally become a beacon for the others in your life.

Please share where you are in the transformation journey in the comments below or on the Facebook page.

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Blessings on your journey of softening to and embracing your beautiful heart!


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