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Services To Support Your Journey

Individual Health and Life Coaching: Are you ready to have support as you travel toward a health or life goal, face a major transition, or manage a health challenge? Theresa will work with you to identify your inner and outer resources, create beliefs and behaviors to support you throughout the process, use energy healing techniques to eliminate blocks, teach you to advocate for yourself and take action that aligns you with what you want to experience in your life, and navigate all of the unexpected twists and turns that true transformation dishes out.

Theresa has lived with a chronic health challenge for 20 years and knows first hand what it takes to manage a major health challenge from an empowered place. In addition, she has traversed several major transformations including divorce, finding right work, and becoming more alive, creative, and authentic. Nothing fuels her passion quite like inspiring others to tune into and align with their deeper lives using all of the material life hands them to work with on the journey. She has an ability to go deep with you using her intuition, compassion and highly creative nature. If you aren’t ready for a transformation package, you can reserve sessions at your discretion. Schedule now


Join the 4 month Become Vibrant. Imaginative. Unforgettable program, where Theresa will work with you individually to create a safe and sacred place for your truest self to come out of hiding, redesign your life so you feel more alive, creative and inspired, release limiting beliefs about creativity and sensitivity, transform your relationship with resources to support the life you truly desire to enjoy, and fully align with your deepest essence.  Theresa combines her highly intuitive nature, her own lived experience reclaiming her most authentic life, fifteen years of coaching experience, her skills in energy healing, and her deeply compassionate nature to fully support you on this daring adventure. Schedule now

The second package is Become Your Own Beloved.  So many women Theresa knows have lost themselves in their efforts to be responsible for all of the people and things in their lives. In this 3 month journey, you will learn how to connect with your deepest self and nurture your relationship internally. Instead of constantly searching outside of yourself for validation, approval, appreciation, and other forms of external support, you will anchor yourself in a deep relationship with yourself!  Gain clarity about what matters most to you and how you want to live your life, learn to love and accept yourself at the deepest levels, practice exquisite self-care, and from that place of internal alignment, attract relationships that fill your heart and soul. When you become your own beloved, so many things in your external world shift to show you a reflection of your nurturing and fulfilling relationship with yourself. It requires patience, practice, and softening but the rewards are endless!  Schedule now

VIP Intensives:

If you are interested in having a deep dive, 4 hour session to launch change in your life, Theresa has 2 different offerings.  The first is Become Vibrant. Imaginative. Unforgettable. which provides a dedicated period of time for creating a safe place for your deepest inner desires to have a voice, releasing limiting beliefs that are keeping you from a life you truly love, creating a more supportive relationship with the resources in your life, and designing a life that celebrates you on every level. You will walk away with a plan and a connection to your passion that will propel you forward! Schedule now

The second VIP intensive is for those creatives who are ready to speak their creative project to life.  Speak Your Creative Project To Life is for those who have a book inside of you, a music project, or other creative projects that you keep alive in your mind, but never quite bring to life.  Having 4 dedicated hours to speak into the project and dream it into life, followed by creating a plan to help move it forward, will help you finally make that dream a reality.  Theresa combines an absolute passion for writing and speaking projects to life, a high degree of personal creativity, and years of project management experience together for this powerful experience.  Schedule now

Not sure where to start?  Sign up for a complimentary Discovery Session where I will help you become Vibrant. Imaginative. Unforgettable and recommend next steps based on your unique needs and desires. Schedule now


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  1. Katy Wait says:

    Could you let me know if you do a retreat?


    • says:

      Hi Katy,

      Thanks for your comment and yes, I will let you know if I run a retreat in the future. I am thinking there will be some in 2017. Is there something specific you would like to have support with from a retreat standpoint?

      Best to you,


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