Time To Receive And Rest

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Rest And Receive

rest and receiveI am in a unique position of taking the time to receive and rest. I have an infection that caused me to pass out and tumble down the stairs, dislocating my collar bone. Sheesh! Talk about a little crazy stuff. I also just moved over the weekend to a lovely new townhome. Morale of my story today is that I am reposting a blog from last fall about exquisite self-care. Because that seems to be the lesson of the hour for me! And anyone who wants to radiate more heart light into the world needs to know how to rest and receive.

Here’s the link to my Exquisite Self-Care post.

I have a new page, Resourceson my website that has the link to my new book and the companion audio meditation.

Coaching Offerings:

Have you heard? Based on feedback from coaching clients, I am launching 2 new coaching offerings.

A new coaching package to help you deepen your self-love and self-acceptance called Become Your Own BelovedIn this 3 month journey, you will learn how to connect with your deepest self and nurture your relationship internally. Instead of constantly searching outside of yourself for validation, approval, appreciation, and other forms of external support…

I am also launching an intensive experience that will help you move the creative project you have been dreaming of from an idea in your head to a reality you speak to life. This special intensive is called Speak Your Creative Project to Life.

Until Next Time…

about TheresaShare in the comments below or in my Facebook group, how can you rest and receive?

Ready to have support holding your heart and building a life that leaves you Vibrant. Imaginative. Unforgettable? Please schedule a discovery session with me using my online scheduling system.  You will get the joy of creating a shift in your life and decide what happens from there.

If you would like the support of a Facebook community that is focused on supporting heart-centered living, join Closeted Creatives Coaching.  There are regular posts to inspire you, spark your imagination, help you become more vibrant, and lead a life that is as unique as your fingerprint.

Blessings on your journey of softening to and embracing your beautiful heart!


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