What Makes You Feel Alive?

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Do You Know What Makes You Feel Alive?

makes you feel aliveOne of the ways I have been shifting my own life, and the lives of my clients, is by tuning into what makes a person feel alive. Here’s how I know. They become animated and excited when discussing the topic, experience, or person. Their tone of voice changes and their body language is more energetic. And I sense a feeling of lightness and absolute “Yes!” as I listen or observe. With that description in mind, do you know what makes you feel alive?

As I help people become more vibrant, and as I become more and more vibrant myself, knowing what makes a person feel alive is key to the formula. My wise guide started helping me tune into this phenomenon about a year ago. And now I feel like a detective on the hunt for clues. What experiences light me up and animate me? What people resonate with me so that I feel charged up and inspired? When do I feel a “Yes!” throughout my entire body?

For so long, I worried about what I should be doing and how I should behave. Mercy! What a lot of unnecessary pressure!

Now, I am simply tuned into what makes me feel more alive. And every time I find something that lights me up in that way, I get busy figuring out how to have more of it in my life.

Identify What Makes You Feel Alive

Here are a few of the things that make me feel alive. And I share them to help you identify what makes you feel alive.

  • The ocean and big bodies of water – I thrive when receiving Vitamin Sea
  • Magical and fantastical things of every kind – “The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe,” anything by J.K. Rowling, fairy tales, unicorns, the television show, “Once Upon A Time (which is finally back on again!),” etc.
  • People who are forward thinking and follow their dreams
  • Writing
  • Time with my nieces and nephews playing, having parties, and supporting their natural gifts and talents
  • Singing
  • Moonlight and stars
  • Candlelight, flowers, jazz music and great food
  • Gorgeous art and discussions with the artists that create them
  • Intimate boutique hotels that are exquisite
  • International travel
  • Hearing foreign languages
  • Birds of prey
  • Learning about nature and observing nature in action
  • Sunshine and warm weather
  • Chances to teach, inspire others, and make the world a brighter place for all

I could go on and on, but I hope you get the point. Each of us has a personality and more importantly, a blueprint of experiences that help us know exactly what makes us more vibrant. It’s our job to follow the clues and then get busy designing a life that is filled with these key elements. And that is why I love helping clients design a life as unique as their fingerprint!

Because when my energy is vibrant, I am sending a very high vibe signal out into the world. And this signal encourages others to stop and identify what makes them feel alive.

Fill Your Life With What Makes You Feel Alive

makes you feel aliveI challenge you to sit down and make a list of what makes you feel alive. Spend as much time as you need and also, start to pay attention in your life to what lights you up.

Part two of the challenge is to look at how much of the things that make you feel alive are part of your life? Is it surprising that there are many things that make you feel alive that you never do or rarely do? What can you shift to make more room for what makes you feel alive? And what do you need to let go of because it simply does nothing to light you up?

Have some fun with this! And watch the quality of your life change.


A Book:

I have major accomplishments I am celebrating this week! The first is that my book, 30 Days to Reignite Your Inner Creative Genius, is officially launched on Amazon as of Sunday night.

This book is meant to take you on a personal journey for 30 days to strengthen your connection with your Divine Feminine Energy and your creative genius. It will remind you that everyone is creative and there are multiple ways to express creatively in the world.  It has daily reflections, inspiration, and activities that support you on this important transformation journey.

A Workshop:

The second is that I have finalized a workshop in the Twin Cities with a friend and colleague, Brian Zirngible, LMFT.  Here are the details we have right now.

SAVE THE DATE!!! Saturday, April 22, 2017. Theresa Nutt & I will be presenting a #relationship workshop that honors & explores healthy #feminine & #masculine roles, common myths/misunderstandings and pitfalls to avoid in order to grow in our relationships with ourselves and our partners. Our goal is to provide hope, encouragement, and information about how #selfcare is necessary in order to extend love to others. Please share with anyone who you might think would benefit from this workshop. More details & info including price, & #minnesota location to follow very soon! www.brianzirngible.com Brian’s LinkedIn profile.

Coaching Offerings:

Finally, based on feedback from coaching clients, I am launching 2 new coaching offerings.

A new coaching package to help you deepen your self-love and self-acceptance called Become Your Own BelovedIn this 3 month journey, you will learn how to connect with your deepest self and nurture your relationship internally. Instead of constantly searching outside of yourself for validation, approval, appreciation, and other forms of external support…

I am also launching an intensive experience that will help you move the creative project you have been dreaming of from an idea in your head to a reality you speak to life. This special intensive is called Speak Your Creative Project to Life.

Until Next Time…

about TheresaShare in the comments below or in my Facebook group, what makes you feel alive? And how can you invite more of those people and experiences into your life?

Ready to have support holding your heart and building a life that leaves you Vibrant. Imaginative. Unforgettable? Please schedule a discovery session with me using my online scheduling system.  You will get the joy of creating a shift in your life and decide what happens from there.

If you would like the support of a Facebook community that is focused on supporting heart-centered living, join Closeted Creatives Coaching.  There are regular posts to inspire you, spark your imagination, help you become more vibrant, and lead a life that is as unique as your fingerprint.

Blessings on your journey of softening to and embracing your beautiful heart!


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