Knowing How To Let Others Step-up

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Knowing How To Let Others Step-up

let others step-upI am continuing to develop my own internal beloved this year. And as the year unfolds and I continue the practices I started in December of 2016, I am noticing some big shifts. One of those shifts is really healthy masculine energy emerging in my life. Specifically, I am noticing how I can let my guard down enough to let others step-up. This is a sure fire way to allow myself to relax into a more receptive mode which is healthy feminine energy. So many male members of my life are stepping up and it’s fun to sit back and take notice!

I became very aware that because of really harsh masculine energy early in my life, I have for the most part not expected much from men. And in truth, I have allowed men to treat me with little or no respect. Upon reflecting on this habit, I realized that I somehow imagined I was unworthy of love. But this work to become my own beloved has highlighted where I am not cherishing myself and expecting others to do the same.

Recently, I am creating boundaries with some of the men in my life. I am asking for help and letting them step-up when previously I wouldn’t have even imagined being that vulnerable. And I am allowing myself to fully feel all of the emotions that need to be released from years of harsh relationships with men.

Trusting Enough To Let Others Step-up

Let be honest that this is a real dance. I am testing my own trust issues and I am allowing myself to be vulnerable in ways that I previously would not have. Here is a short list of the many ways I have found healthy masculine energy supporting me lately.

  • Telling my Dad when a job went south and I didn’t know how to pay my rent. And he didn’t criticize me like he might have in the past. He listened and validated how hard it must be for me. And then told me that sometimes letting impossible things go is important because I am too valuable to stay in that situation. (Pick up my  jaw!)
  • Asking my partner in a workshop experience to help design social media because I realized how triggering it is for me to deal with email and social media. Why? Because my ex-husband used email and social media to stalk me and my family. It’s okay that I am triggered and it’s even better that I was willing to be vulnerable and admit how hard it is for me to manage. The best news, Brian stepped right up!
  • Setting boundaries with a person I was doing work for that didn’t respect me. Which led me to lay out my terms of engagement with him. He was unable to meet them and we parted ways as coworkers. And I didn’t apologize for how I felt or what I needed in a work relationship. I also didn’t let things deteriorate so much that our friendship was crushed by the disconnect in working styles between us.
  • Enjoying being mentored by my Webmaster for the board I am on. He is so gentle and helpful as he teaches me the ins and outs of my new role.

Letting Yourself Be Supported

let others step-upReflecting on how the healthy and supportive masculine is showing up in my life has been amazing!

I want to take a brief time out in this discussion and pull some key traits of the Divine masculine energy for your reference.


  • Logic, intellect, and reasoning
  • Protective and strong – not just for self, but all he cares about and for
  • Responsible and a provider for others
  • Empowered and able to stand-up for self
  • Focused and forward moving
  • Generous to others – able to give and receive freely
  • Encourages others to grow
  • Able to be curious and open about spirituality, feelings, and his place in life

This is a larger discussion for another day, but this Divine masculine energy resides in each of us. Part of my work to become my own beloved has been cultivating this inside of myself. And as a result of this cultivation, I am seeing the results of the inner work reflected in my relationships with men. Letting others step-up is a Divine feminine energy and we need Divine masculine energy to feel comfortable enough to receive at this level.

Are you comfortable enough to let others step-up for you?

Resources To Help You Let Others Step-up

  1. Keys to the Divine Masculine and Traits of the Divine Masculine are great introductions to understanding the healthy masculine energy.
  2. Why Receiving Is Harder and The Law of Giving and Receiving help you tune into the ability to receive fully the gifts that life and those in life offer.
  3. Here are 2 music tracks. One to Heal the Feminine and Music for the Divine Masculine.
  4. A book that I refer clients to often is The Deep Yes: The Lost Art of True Receiving.
  5. Finally, this short 5-minute video shows the Divine masculine energy in action.


Workshop – Building Relationship Harmony is set for Saturday May 13th. Join me as I partner with my colleague, Brian Zirngible LMFT, to provide a workshop about healthy masculine and feminine energy in Burnsville, MN. We did a short intro video so you can see that though we have serious content to help you, we have playful and entertaining hearts.

  • Give you permission to practice self-care and create a plan to insert more self-care into your life
  • Discuss some of the common masculine and feminine pressures and expectations
  • Explore healthy masculine and feminine archetypes
  • Discuss some of the common differences between the masculine and feminine ways of being in the world that make relationships challenging
  • Learn how to apply a number of easy tools to help you build relationship harmony

To learn more and register, click here

My Book: 30 Days to Reignite Your Inner Creative Genius

This book takes you on a personal journey for 30 days to strengthen your connection with your Divine Feminine Energy and your creative genius. It will remind you that everyone is creative and there are multiple ways to express creatively in the world.  The daily pages are filled with reflections, inspiration, and activities that support you on this important transformation journey.

And if you are looking for the companion audio that helps you welcome your creative genius home, you will find it on my Resources page.


Until Next Time…

about TheresaShare in the comments below or on my Facebook page, how can you let others step-up more?

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