The High Vibration Of Self-Love

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Living In The High Vibration of Self-Love

high vibration of self-loveHaven’t you heard it a million times? The wisdom that we have 2 choices, love or fear. And how we choose in each moment affects our vibration. I sense that those of us on the spiritual journey take it too far. We think that choosing the high vibration of self-love means we should never feel angry, negative, or afraid. And so we try to censor what arises in us or turn away by practicing affirmations and positive thinking. Don’t you think it’s time we reach a hand out to ourselves and be there for ourselves like we are for others?

The pattern of censoring and over caring for others simply does not work at all!!

In this month of love, I ask you to consider how you can be more loving of your entire experience. Realizing that the ups and downs, the difficult feelings and experiences, and your frustrations are not a detour from your path. Everything is sacred. And you can’t do this wrong.

Too many times we have been taught to abandon ourselves when we need more love, not less. It’s time to step up for yourself in a whole new way!

That’s unconditional love at its finest. That’s living in the high vibration of self-love.

What It Means To Live In The High Vibration Of Self-Love

I find myself looking at self-love in a whole new way right now. I am so excited about the Self-Love Summit because I am hearing new and deeper things as I do the interviews with experts. And what I am hearing is making me look at how I show up for myself. Overall, I am extending a deeply compassionate, nurturing parent vibe to my repertoire.

In the month of love, I am challenging myself to look at self-love in a whole new way. Here are some of the things that I am doing to live in the high vibration of self-love:

  • Setting the intention to love myself more and remind myself of this love throughout my day.
  • Saying “I love you” at least 10 times a day to myself while holding my hand on my heart.
  • Accepting all of my feelings, especially the difficult ones that I have censored in the past.
  • Giving my inner critic, Dr. Degrader, a place at the table so I am in conversation with this part of myself. Which means I am done with letting him have his way with me!
  • Allowing in and noticing all the ways that love and support surround me. Think about the gentleman that opens the door for you. Hugs from friends. Things that touch your heart.
  • Making choices all day long based on answering the question, “What is the most loving thing I can do for myself right now?”
  • Saying the words to myself that I most need to hear when I am struggling with difficult emotions or thoughts.
  • Making time each morning to still my mind and connect with the deepest part of myself.

It’s Easy To Hang In The High Vibration of Self-Love

high vibration of self-loveOkay, it might be a stretch at first. Who am I kidding? I thought this would be much easier than it is! But I trust this process.

I was on the phone with a client yesterday and she is going through a major transition. And it became obvious in a short amount of time that she is being far too hard on herself. She was plagued with thoughts about how she should know the answers. Plagued with feeling like somehow she was disappointing others. And she was wondering how she could just be more like everyone else.

I felt like I was in a time machine. And I was seeing myself just a few short years ago. I had the exact same questions and feelings. So I had a unique opportunity to extend the hand of support to her that I didn’t extend to myself back then.

I gave her permission to understand that what she was going through was monumental. That she might not have answers for a while and that it didn’t indicate anything was wrong with her. I let her know that she was normal in her seeking of safety and familiarity. And I helped her identify what she most needed to feel supported in this process. What I didn’t do was make her feel like she needed to get over it, move on, or hurry up.

That is the epitome of the high vibration of self-love. And I know that she showed up in my coaching practice as a reflection of my new intention and practice.

Support For Living In The High Vibration Of Self-Love

There is a call from a consciousness perspective, right now. And this call is about alignment. The first part of this alignment is about seeing ourselves and all of our experiences as Divine Love. There are a number of amazing resources circulating right now to help you make this transition.

Some of these resources are repeats, but they are so good.

  1. Here is a song that might feel a little cheesy at first, but sit with it. It invites you to a place of deep compassion and self-love.  It’s called “Gentle With Myself.”
  2. I love Louise Hay’s work on self-love and acceptance. Here is a quick exercise to help reframe your thoughts to be more loving and supportive. I also really love her prayer called “Deep At The Center of My Being.” I dare you to read that to yourself every day for 30 days.
  3. Matt Kahn’s book “Whatever Arises, Love That,” is still a game changer for me and his YouTube video “Embracing Your Humanity” will touch your heart.
  4. The Self-Love Summit starts February 12th. I know that this gift I created is powerful. The interviews touched my heart and I know they will touch you as well. I am gathering the best resources to help you deepen your own self-love. Give yourself this gift for Valentine’s Day! And please invite others to the conversation!  I would love for you to share the link with others.

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Blessings on your journey of softening to and embracing your beautiful heart!


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