Following What Lights You Up

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Are You Following What Lights You Up?

lights you upHappy Easter! I am struck by a few things as the energy shifts once again. We are moving into warmer weather in the Midwest and it feels like the energy is picking up and new possibilities are springing to life. If you haven’t cleared some clutter mentally, physically and emotionally, do that now! Make space in your life for new possibilities. And as you make space, it’s a great time to reflect on what lights you up.

As far as I can tell, I want more of what lights me up in my life and less of what I have to or should do. I am not saying that I don’t want to pay bills or take care of important things in my life. But I am saying, I do want my life to feel like less of a grind. Can you relate?

I moved a month ago and am taking my time unpacking. I am clearing clutter, and really figuring out what I love and what I am tolerating in my life. The physical clutter is pretty obvious, but underneath there are layers of emotional and mental clutter. I could spend a lot of time trying to unearth the emotional and mental clutter (for months and years). But instead, I am choosing to focus on what I want more of in my life. 

Tuning Into What Lights You Up

lights you up

I have mentioned in previous posts the importance of noticing what makes you feel alive and what makes you feel good. What lights you up is a slight variation. Let me demonstrate by using the graphic as an example.  A dear friend of mine introduced me to the Bitmoji app a couple of months ago and I fell madly in love! It allows me to dress a million ways, say a bunch of really cute things, and in general be cool and creative without a lot of effort. It totally lights me up. In honor of Easter, Bitmoji has bunny suits and of course, a purple one, which is my favorite. So now, my messages to family and friends include my Bitmoji Avatar in a bunny suit. I couldn’t be happier with this little creative expression!

What lights you up might be a small and slightly quirky thing. Or a bunch of quirky things. It might be favorite foods, favorite television shows (I wait excitedly each week for the next episode of “Once Upon A Time”), favorite shoes or clothes, those things you love to buy even if you don’t really need them (fun and flashy post-it notes and purple pens for me), etc. And just yesterday, a colleague of mine who recently returned from London sent me this amazing shoe site that I am now drooling over big time called In particular, I am in love with the Parisian dreams called Meadow Mist (yes, the ones that I linked you too).  Bottom line, I am never too old for some fantastical paraphernalia of any kind. My child-like nature and love of the fantastical is part of what lights me up.

Identifying What Lights You Up

I gave you a peek at a few of the things that light me up and make my life extra delish. Can you identify those for yourself?

Here are some questions to get you started. What:

  • things do you spend money on even if you don’t need them?
  • do you love to spend time doing by yourself or with others?
  • do you notice when you are out and about that just make you happy or excited?
  • leaves you feeling energetically open and alert?
  • do you daydream about or always remain curious about?
  • surprises and delights you?
  • do you find yourself waiting for the new release of?

Take time to really explore what lights you up and then invite more of that into your life!


My Creativity Book:

If you haven’t checked out my book on Amazon, please do. And when you are ready to find the audio meditation, “Welcoming Your Creative Genius Home” look on my new Resources page.

This book takes you on a personal journey for 30 days to strengthen your connection with your Divine Feminine Energy and your creative genius. It will remind you that everyone is creative and there are multiple ways to express creatively in the world.  The daily pages are filled with reflections, inspiration, and activities that support you on this important transformation journey.

My Upcoming Relationship Workshop:

The second is that I have finalized a workshop in the Twin Cities with a friend and colleague, Brian Zirngible, LMFT.  Here are the details.

Brian and I are hosting a Build Relationship Harmony workshop on Saturday, May 13th.

We are presenting a #relationship workshop that:

  • honors & explores healthy #feminine & #masculine roles
  • explores common myths/ misunderstandings and pitfalls to avoid in order to grow in our relationships with ourselves and our partners
  • provides hope, encouragement, and information about how #selfcare is necessary in order to extend love to others
  • covers some serious content, but due to our playful natures, will also be fun and entertaining

Please share with anyone who you might think would benefit from this workshop. To register, click here.

Coaching Offerings:

Finally, based on feedback from coaching clients, I have 2 new coaching offerings.

A new coaching package to help you deepen your self-love and self-acceptance called Become Your Own BelovedIn this 3 month journey, you will learn how to connect with your deepest self and nurture your relationship internally. Instead of overgiving and being hyper-responsible. And instead of constantly searching outside of yourself for validation, approval, appreciation, and other forms of external support you will become fully aligned internally. This alignment will change all of your relationships in the external world.

I am also launching a 4-hour intensive experience that will help you move the creative project you have been dreaming of from an idea in your head to a reality you speak to life. This special intensive is called Speak Your Creative Project to Life.

Until Next Time…

about TheresaShare in the comments below or in my Facebook group, how can you identify what lights you up? And how will you invite in more of what lights you up in the world?

Ready to have support holding your heart and building a life that leaves you Vibrant. Imaginative. Unforgettable? Please schedule a discovery session with me using my online scheduling system.  You will get the joy of creating a shift in your life and decide what happens from there.

If you would like the support of a Facebook community that is focused on supporting heart-centered living, join Closeted Creatives Coaching.  There are regular posts to inspire you, spark your imagination, help you become more vibrant, and lead a life that is as unique as your fingerprint.

Blessings on your journey of softening to and embracing your beautiful heart!


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