Finding Your Authentic Voice

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Finding Your Most Authentic Voice

Finding Your Most Authentic VoiceYesterday I had my voice lesson and the experience took me to a whole new level. When I started working with my voice teacher two years ago, I was terrified. And I had a few questions for myself. Who was I to be singing again after 20 years? And how could I spend good money each week on voice lessons when I had no interest in performing? Yesterday, the answer to those questions showed up, I am finding my authentic voice.

Yesterday, we found a song that was such an incredible fit for my voice and I loved singing so much that I was on fire. I found myself humming and singing the tune all day long! It’s a classic jazz tune by Ella Fitzgerald, “Cry Me A River.” The groove was right, the key was right, the arrangement fit my voice perfectly, and the sentiment was perfect for what I have experienced in my life. Singing it was magic and easy! And I just felt a huge “Yes” throughout my entire body. Obviously this experience around my singing voice is just the tip of the iceberg. And it left me thinking of all of the ways I have been cultivating my authentic voice in my life.

More than anything, I want a life that feels like singing that song did. Where the important ingredients create the deep feeling of “Yes!” in every cell of my being.

The Journey Of Finding Your Authentic Voice

As I continue to call in my heart’s desires, I can become impatient and feel like nothing is happening at times.  Can anyone relate? Yesterday reminded me that all of the “No” answers I have been experiencing lately are helping me gain a ton of clarity about what the big “Yes!” looks like. In voice lessons, I have spent two years singing mostly vocal exercises to smooth out the rough patches, train my ears to hear the subtleties better, and strengthen my voice overall. Most days I just wanted to have a voice that sounded good and it seemed like that would never happen!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of experiencing the moment where I knew exactly what sounds best fit my voice. And all of the hard work to strengthen my voice paid off. So all of the preparation and all of the constantly feeling like I was “getting no where fast” was part of this important journey. My persistence in “sticking to it” is finally creating some magic in my life.

Along the journey to our most authentic life, there will be a fair amount of contrast and the opposite of what we want to experience. In the past, I would beat myself up thinking I was doing something wrong when this contrast arose. Now, I realize the contrast provides the gift of clarity on the journey of getting to my authentic voice. And I am having more “Yes!” experiences today than ever before.

So take some time to pause and look back on the past couple of years of your life. What have you been preparing for and cultivating? And how has the contrast helped you gain more clarity about what you do want to experience?

Trusting Your Authentic Voice

Finding Your Most Authentic VoiceIf you are like me at all, you learned early on that you shouldn’t trust your most authentic voice. So you spent a lot of time trying to be more like everyone else. And slowly over time, you squelched the creativity that was uniquely yours. And when that creativity was squelched, your heart and soul took a hit. Because your unique spark is required in the world. Expressing it is mission critical to your well-being. 

A quote by e.e. cummings leaps to my mind.

To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting.

Today I am inviting you to reclaim that authentic voice that is uniquely yours. Not just your speaking voice, but everything about how you show up in the world. Think about the words you use to express yourself, the way you dress, what you like to spend your free time doing, and all of the other areas of your life.

How much full body “Yes!” are you getting in each area of your life? Where are you out of alignment with your most unique self? And how can you call some of the magic back into your life?

It’s about walking a journey one step at a time that allows you to gain clarity about what is uniquely you and letting go of everything else. For me, I am realizing there are some things I need to stop doing in my life to be more authentic.

Trust that how you see things, and how you want to express yourself in your life are pure magic! You don’t need anyone’s permission or approval. I am giving you full permission right now to just be you. It’s more than enough.

I would love to hear from you in the comments below or in the Facebook group. How can you align with your most authentic voice in your life?

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Blessings on your journey of softening to and embracing your beautiful heart!



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