Life Design: Expressing Your Authentic Voice

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Life Design: Expressing Your Authentic Voice

expressing your authentic voiceI just returned from a long weekend at the beach last week. Already I am missing the ocean, 70 degree days, and constant sunshine. But alas, spring is coming in Minnesota! Right? I have been reflecting a lot these past 2 weeks on my personal life design. And I have landed on the revelation that how you live your life is your best opportunity to showcase one thing: expressing your authentic voice.

In my fifteen years of being a coach, and my 2o plus years of studying metaphysics, energy healing, stress management, meditation and holistic modalities of every kind, I have been on one quest. And that quest is designing a life that is authentic to me. I know that the word authentic is highly overused and thrown around these days, so forgive my use of it here. But the word is so important. has a great definition that I am going to quote here: “representing one’s true nature or beliefs.”

I have been like a tracker, seeking clues and following bread crumbs to design a life that truly matters to me. I have taken circuitous routes, wandered on lonely roads, crawled at times, and wondered why I ever started the journey in the first place. The truth is the quest for a life where you are expressing your authentic voice is not an easy journey. Then again, true transformation never is!

The Journey To Expressing Your Authentic Voice

So much of what you read out there right now in coaching and other fields has a lot of promises about the joys of the transformation journey. The truth is transformation is a process of waking up that is fraught with challenges of all kinds. But the more clear you become about who you really are at the deepest level, and the more you slowly build (piece by piece at times) a life that leaves you expressing your authentic voice in the world, the more passion and joy will find you and fill your heart.

The month of March felt like a shedding month to me. Specifically, I felt like I was shedding my lifestyle skin like a snake would. A number of things that simply no longer fit well in my life became painfully obvious. And my only obvious choice was to let go of these ways of being in the world. 

I cleared massive amounts of clutter from my clothing closet, and as I am unpacking, I am moving from corner to corner of my new abode with a prayer in my heart. “Show me what to release and what to keep.” The pile of not keeping grows by the day.

I have had to show myself a great deal of compassion as physically I am still limited in my ability to do a number of things and will be for a few more weeks. Income that I had been counting on dried up over night and I was left not sure how to pay my rent (and it worked out).

Becoming More Vibrant

expressing your authentic voiceIn all of the chaos of shedding, a dear friend and colleague noted that I looked more vibrant than ever. That’s what shedding does for all of us. It creates more energetic clarity and the signal we send out grows stronger and more brilliant. I trust that all I have lost is simply a way to make space for all I am calling into my life. And the list of things I am calling in is long!

The reason I share some of this is to highlight that it can feel like everything is going wrong. It can feel like you are taking 100 steps backward on your journey to expressing your authentic voice. And the truth is, you are simply creating a more clear signal energetically. So, welcome the clearing even if it terrifies you.

The most important thing to speak at this moment in this story is the importance of accepting all of your feelings as they arise. There will be grief for what you lose. You might feel anger and heartache that simmer. It could be that resistance rises up and makes you dig your heels in. And then, just when all of those emotions get heated up, no question self-doubt, terror, and vulnerability will sneak in. And it can seem impossible to consider ideas like having faith and trusting the process. None of those feelings are an indication that you are doing something wrong.

Give yourself space and time, tend to your fragile heart, be extra vigilant about self-care, and feel what needs to be felt!

Riding the Waves of Transformation

The journey of true transformation is a lifelong journey, not a destination. You will never arrive. Because you are ever changing. The more you trust your soul (aka your deepest essence) to run the show, the easier all of this will be.

And, it’s not easy and there are not guarantees. It’s a grand adventure with wild twists and turns. Since no one gets out alive, I think the odds are stacked hugely in our favor. And for me, a self-proclaimed control freak extraordinaire, the biggest deal is letting go of all of the big and little ways I demand my life to line up with my “plans.” A lot of my plans have been stripped from me lately and truthfully, I have never felt more freedom. Who knew?

Resources for Expressing Your Authentic Voice

Here are some great resources for when transformation knocks on your door.  A few for inspiration, a few for information, and a couple for laughs because you will need your sense of humor!

  1. When Things Fall Apart by Pema Chodron is about the impermanence of things and the truth that uncertainty is the only permanent reality
  2. Two articles about soul transformation: Steps to Soul Transformation and Are You Going Through A Transformation?
  3. Lost by David Wagoner – a poem
  4. Sweet Darkness by David Whyte – a poem
  5. Heal and Transform Loss by Matt Kahn – a short video
  6. If Google Was A Guy – short video
  7. Run, Ellen, Run – a short video


A Book:

If you haven’t checked out my book on Amazon, please do so. And when you purchase the book and wish to find the audio meditation, “Welcoming Your Creative Genius Home” it’s on my new Resources page.

This book takes you on a personal journey for 30 days to strengthen your connection with your Divine Feminine Energy and your creative genius. It will remind you that everyone is creative and there are multiple ways to express creatively in the world.  The daily pages are filled with reflections, inspiration, and activities that support you on this important transformation journey.

 A Workshop:

The second is that I have finalized a workshop in the Twin Cities with a friend and colleague, Brian Zirngible, LMFT.  Here are the details we have right now.

SAVE THE DATE!!! Saturday, April 22, 2017. Brian Zirngible & I will be presenting a #relationship workshop that honors & explores healthy #feminine & #masculine roles, common myths/misunderstandings and pitfalls to avoid in order to grow in our relationships with ourselves and our partners. Our goal is to provide hope, encouragement, and information about how #selfcare is necessary in order to extend love to others. Please share with anyone who you might think would benefit from this workshop. More details coming this week.

Coaching Offerings:

Finally, based on feedback from coaching clients, I have 2 new coaching offerings.

A new coaching package to help you deepen your self-love and self-acceptance called Become Your Own BelovedIn this 3 month journey, you will learn how to connect with your deepest self and nurture your relationship internally. Instead of overgiving and being hyper-responsible. And instead of constantly searching outside of yourself for validation, approval, appreciation, and other forms of external support you will become fully aligned internally. This alignment will change all of your relationships in the external world.

I am also launching a 4-hour intensive experience that will help you move the creative project you have been dreaming of from an idea in your head to a reality you speak to life. This special intensive is called Speak Your Creative Project to Life.

Until Next Time…

about TheresaShare in the comments below or in my Facebook group, how are you expressing your authentic voice in the world?

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Blessings on your journey of softening to and embracing your beautiful heart!


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