Creating and Holding Space for Your Life

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Creating and Holding Space for Your Life

Read abput creating and holding space to create life you want.I was reflecting the past couple of days on the idea of dreaming things into our lives. Shamanic teachings speak about the dream time, not in the sleeping way. But in reference to our ability to dream what we desire into our lives. I am not always the most patient person I know and I have been sitting with what puts me in alignment with my higher path. I manifest when I am creating and holding space for my ideal life.

So what do I mean by this statement? It’s a combination of holding an intention while at the same time having a feeling sense of spaciousness around the intention. When I hold an intention for my life and start strangling it with how it will happen or what I need to be doing, it rarely works out. In contrast, when I hold an intention lightly, playfully, and spaciously, ideas and inspiration drop in and illuminate a path for the process.

Here’s an example from my own life. I have been calling in right work for myself for some time now. And when I get caught up in thinking I know exactly how it should look, I create a death grip and literally strangle the intention. But the minute I chill out and trust it will unfold, new ideas drop out of nowhere to make it happen. And one small step at a time a whole new life is unfolding for me. New people to collaborate with, ideas that make every cell in my body cry out “Yes!” because it feels so right, and inspiration to work through the bumps that crop up along the way.

Creating and Holding Space is Active

I am a “take action” person most of the time. I am not afraid to take risks and try new things. And at the same time, I like to have some research backing up my approach. Having said that, for many years I have struggled with creating and holding space because to me it felt like I wasn’t doing anything. Now I know that creating and holding space is a very active process.

There is a distinct difference between taking action that is out of alignment and taking action while I am in alignment. When I am in alignment, my heart, soul, mind, and body are all in the game. I am making decisions and taking action from a place where all parties have an equal say. There is a sense of ease and flow no matter how challenging the action item turns out to be for me personally.

I have learned that when I am creating and holding space for what I want to experience in my life. And connecting with the intention consistently, but loosely with a sense of adventure, amazing things happen.

My Top Tips for Creating and Holding Space

creating and holding spaceHere’s what I know about keeping myself in the flow.

  • Create an intention that is solid and flexible at the same time – not too many details and not too few. When I itemize every last detail without room for flexibility, I miss the most important pieces of the puzzle. I miss them because I wasn’t able to see them ahead of time and they are always so much better than what I had in mind.
  • Call in playfulness around whatever I am creating and holding space around. I remind myself to play at what I am intending. I approach the process with a light heart and a child-like innocence about the possibilities.
  • Tune into my body, mind, heart, and soul to make sure I am staying in alignment. If one of the players isn’t doing well in the game, I give her the attention she needs until she is able to rejoin the flock of alignment.
  • Ask myself powerful questions about what is possible without needing answers. So many times we ask ourselves questions knowing what our answer is going to be. Which kills any chance for spaciousness! Some of my favorite questions are:
    • “What else is possible about my relationship with …?”
    • “What would it be like to experience …?”
    • “How would I be showing up if I was already …?”

Resources to Help You Create and Hold Space

Here are some resources that will support you on your journey of learning about creating and holding space for yourself.

  1. How to Hold Space for Yourself is a great article with some of the basics.
  2. Cheryl Richardson’s book, Take Time for Your Life, is all about creating and holding space for the life you truly want to enjoy.
  3. Holding Space is a Ted Talk that will teach you how to hold space for yourself.
  4. Finding a support system of other people creating the same experiences in their lives will help you work through the process.

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Blessings on your journey of softening to and embracing your beautiful heart!


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