Create A Self-Care Ritual That Lasts

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Create A Self-Care Ritual That Lasts

Create A Self-Care Ritual That LastsAs this year continues to roll-out, I am pausing and reflecting on how full my schedule feels. I think a lot of people are experiencing a surge of activity that matches the new energy. It’s a one year, which means we are busy planting seeds and cultivating new beginnings. In the past, I might have shut-down in some form of overwhelm. But this year, I decided to double my efforts around self-care. I determined that it was time to reevaluate my self-care ritual and realized that parts of it were still in place. And other parts, that really make a difference in my life, had fallen by the wayside.

So how can we create self-care rituals that last? A few things come to mind.

  • Do it daily for at least 30 days in a row so it becomes a habit
  • Include some activities you really enjoy in your ritual
  • Do it first thing to set the tone for your entire day
  • Create reminders around your home to keep you tuned into the ritual
  • Create a sacred space for yourself
  • Be unwavering in your commitment to yourself and this time

How Do I Create A Self-Care Ritual That’s Right For Me?

I am on day 3 of my new and improved self-care ritual. And after evaluating what I was doing in the past, I realized that I felt I had to be disciplined and organized. Well, talk about taking the wind out of my sails! I am a highly creative person, so I need a highly creative process.

I also realized that the amount of collective energy I am processing on a daily basis is much higher than previous. In the past year, my Empathic abilities have heightened and I find myself very affected by what is happening globally. To give you an example of what I am talking about, here is all that I felt in the past three days.

Friday I felt agitated for no particular reason, and know it related to anxiety, fear, anger and other feelings that coincided with the inauguration of the new president.  The feelings weren’t mine, but when they are that collectively big and powerful, it can be hard to remember they don’t belong to me.

Saturday was a mix of many feelings from grief to fear and anger that coincided with the Women’s March happening all over the United States. Mercy!

Sunday I felt a surge of happiness and unity that is hard to explain, but my body and mind were super relieved.

The reason I am mentioning this awareness, is it lead me to realize that part of my ritual needs to be a place to process feelings and calm my mind.

So as you think about your self-care ritual, consider what you most need to cultivate. And then consider who you are and what works best for you.

What To Include In A Self-Care Ritual

Create A Self-Care Ritual That LastsThis is purely meant to give you some ideas based on what has worked for me and what I am currently playing with right now. In my mind, the self-care ritual routine is a big experiment that will be ever changing. As my needs change, so will my ritual.

Here are some key ingredients to consider in your ritual:

  • Quiet your mind – ways to accomplish this include meditation, candle gazing, listening to spa music or healing music, guided imagery, etc.
  • Set intentions for your day, month or year – give your busy mind something to focus on that will benefit you.
  • Engage your 5 senses all at the same time
  • Connect with a higher power
  • Allow yourself to come into alignment of body, mind, heart, soul
  • Express thoughts, feelings, or anything you need to release
  • Ask questions of your heart and soul that will guide decisions in your every day life
  • Visualize or write about what you want to experience in your life
  • Create affirmations that you recite
  • Be cozy and comfortable, but alert

My Self-Care Ritual

The following is my self-care ritual redesign.  I don’t spend more than 30 minutes, and I find that including some creative aspects has renewed my interest in the process.

First, I light the candle on my altar and wrap up in the cozy blanket I have waiting in the chair for me. I start with a 5 minute guided meditation that takes me into a space of unconditional love (that includes pink, sparkly light!). My next step is to say a prayer of alignment for myself and also call in the Divine to support me in my day.

Then I review my intentions for the day and week out loud. I follow that with affirmations that affirm what I want to create in my life. And I take a minute to feel deeply something I am grateful for in my life. Next, I engage all 5 senses by inhaling my essential oil of choice, taking a sip of water or tea, touching the blanket on my lap, noting something of beauty on my altar, and putting a pen and paper in my hand as I listen to the sounds around me.

Finally, I write about my feelings and what is happening internally. Then once I have cleared out and released, I spend time asking questions of my heart and soul. If doodling and creative writing emerge, I allow myself to just go there!

In three days, I am already noticing my energy is increasing and my mind is quieting again. More importantly, I am finding that I am slowly moving toward things that really matter to me with renewed energy and strength.

Your Self-Care Ritual

about TheresaNothing will change the course of your life more than having a supportive self-care ritual that you are religious about following.

I wanted to reference two of my previous blogs during this discussion. One is Managing Energy and Making Choices and the other is Exquisite Self-Care. Both in different ways might give you some more ideas for what to include in your self-care ritual.

Take some time out of your busy schedule and design a self-care ritual that makes your heart sing. Then make it a priority like food, water and shelter.

I cannot wait to hear what happens when you make a self-care ritual that rocks your world and stick to it long enough to feel the amazing unfold!

I would love to hear from you in the comments below or in the Facebook group. What self-care ritual are you designing and what excites you most about it?

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Blessings on your journey of softening to and embracing your beautiful heart!








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