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 Theresa’s Coaching and Healing Blueprint

about TheresaTheresa has been a life coach since 2002 and has worked in a variety of coaching arenas including a personal coaching practice, group coaching, and corporate health coaching.

She has a background in healthcare with a BSN in nursing and a Masters in Human Development. She is also trained in a number of energy based therapies; she is a Reiki Master and Healing Touch practitioner. She has a huge passion for transformation and all things holistic and combines that with years of project management and leadership experience.

She is a transformational coach who helps amazing but unfulfilled women reconnect with their deepest inner desires so they can design a life as unique as their fingerprint.  In this reconnection, women find that they spend their time nurturing and expressing their creative nature through every aspect of their lives, own their sensitivity as the gift it is, finally make money doing what they love and become the fully powerful, vibrant, and unforgettable women they were meant to be.  The unsung side effects of this transformation include increased energy, increased opportunities, increased happiness, increased physical and mental health, and juicy joy!  She can’t wait for you to be amazed at what happens when you are living a life as unique as your fingerprint.

Theresa is the creator of the 4 month Become Vibrant. Imaginative. Unforgettable. program, where she will work with you individually to create a safe and sacred place for your truest self to come out of hiding, redesign your life so you feel more alive, creative and inspired, release limiting beliefs about creativity and sensitivity, transform your relationship with resources to support the life you truly desire to enjoy, and fully align with your deepest essence.  Theresa combines her highly intuitive nature, her own lived experience reclaiming her most authentic life, fifteen years of coaching experience, her skills in energy healing, and her deeply compassionate nature to fully support you on this daring adventure.

The second program is Become Your Own Beloved. So many women I know have lost themselves in their efforts to be responsible for all of the people and things in their lives. In this 3 month journey, you will learn how to connect with your deepest self and nurture your relationship internally. Instead of constantly searching outside of yourself for validation, approval, appreciation, and other forms of external support, you will anchor yourself in a deep relationship with yourself!  Gain clarity about what matters most to you and how you want to live your life, learn to love and accept yourself at the deepest levels, practice exquisite self-care, and from that place of internal alignment, attract relationships that fill your heart and soul. When you become your own beloved, so many things in your external world shift to show you a reflection of your nurturing and fulfilling relationship with yourself. It requires patience, practice, and softening but the rewards are endless!

Check out all of her offerings on her Services page to find the one that is right for you or schedule a complimentary session today to discuss how she can best support you.

Schedule your complimentary Vibrant. Imaginative. Unforgettable. coaching session today!

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