Seeing A Horse About A Man

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My Adventure: Seeing A Horse About A Man

about a manIn Westerns, the famous line is always, “I’m going to see a man about a horse.” In my case the exact opposite was true. I saw a horse about my relationship with men. And what a mind-blowing experience with these gorgeous creatures! It all started when I met a woman who does Equine assisted coaching a few weeks ago. We stayed in touch after the coaching meeting we both attended and then I chose to try some work with her gorgeous horse, Blue Angel. I went to the demo fully intending to work on what to do about my work and finding the sweet spot in my career. Low and behold, what arose in the arena was about a man.

Turns out, that lucky for me, one of the other horses in the herd was male. Sly was the perfect energetic creature to work with me on this important topic. I want to reference my blog from earlier this week about healthy masculine and feminine energy. In it were qualities of the healthy masculine that allow the feminine to relax and open up.

The scene started in an all too familiar way. Sly was busy trying to get it on with one of the horses in the herd. He was pushing all over that smaller horse’s boundaries and hell-bent on getting what he wanted. And then he came over to me and started invading all of my energetic boundaries as well. Demanding attention and physical contact of course!

Ladies we have all lived through this experience in different ways one too many times. For me, I have repeated the pattern with every man I have been in an intimate relationship with during my life.

Shifting My Energy About A Man

One of the amazing qualities of horses is their absolute unfiltered response to the energy we are projecting. So Sly was the perfect teacher of the bad habits I have created for myself in relationships with men. I haven’t demanded that they respect or honor me and what I need. It took time, but I learned that I could ask for what I need from men without fear of punishment.

Here’s a look at the lessons about a man I learned in a short 30 minutes with Sly:

  • I am allowed to energetically project the terms of engagement with male energy. I can demand physical space and not let them close to my heart until they have shown me respect.
  • It is okay to keep making my needs known until the masculine gets me and my needs. I don’t have to become submissive and surrender my needs to his masculine energy.
  • Masculine energy respects me when I am clear about what I am asking for and when I communicate both energetically and with words what I need in each moment.
  • I realized how much I had always worshiped my Dad. And how I just wanted him to love me for the creative and sensitive person I was designed to be. Unfortunately, as a result of wanting him to love me, I surrendered that person and have spent 40 years of my life trying to be more like everyone else. During the time I was working through this revelation, the female horse, Blue Angel, was wandering around the outskirts of the arena searching everywhere.  What a mirror!

Spending Time With Horses About A Man

about a manI am still reeling from the experience of yesterday. At the end of my experience with Sly we had moments to just be in heartfelt connection. He had some really powerful things to communicate with me using just his heart. And after 5 minutes of this communication, my heart was so blown open it was like jelly! Quivering, wide open, and every wall around it pulled down.

How many of us can say we have felt that recently?

The messages between us are mine and his to hold. But the loving energy was so transforming that I will never be the same again. I felt what it was to be in a relationship with masculine energy without a single wall up. And I felt him let me know I was enough.

This isn’t my usual blog post, I am still processing and recovering from the energy surge of the experience about a man. But I trust that the words I am inspired to share with you will touch your heart as they are meant to in this moment.


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Until Next Time…

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